Car radios are the most crucial component of your car audio. They are the point at which the entire car audio system is operated. For instance, all the speakers receive their input from the car radio. Upgrading a car head unit on an old vehicle can be quite a challenge. In most cases, there are usually issues with compatibility. For instance, the most common challenge is the single DIN and double DIN issues.


Modern car stereos come either as single DIN or as double DIN units. There are a few benefits of having double DIN units. For one, the unit will have a bigger display. It makes seeing as you drive much easier. Additionally, you are able to see more details about your audio. A double Din stereo will usually bump up the rice by about $20 to $50.


Satellite Radio Capability

It is a common feature in most high-end car radios. However, this does not come cheaply. If a radio has satellite radio capabilities, users will also have to pay about $15 a month as subscription fees. Thus, it is a cost worth keeping in mind when purchasing such a radio. Additionally, these types of radio come with a number of features such as CD players, DVD player, and mp3 connections among others. To use such a radio in your car, it will lead to an initial cost of about $300 just to purchase it. If you want the installation done by an expert, you may have to pay about $100. The total cost of such a stereo head comes to about $400 or $500 depending on what other features it contains.


Theft Protection

It is a common feature in a modern car stereo. Thieves will normally target a car stereo since it is the most portable and most valuable item on a dashboard. There are two types of this protection. Firstly, you can purchase one that is fully detachable. The detachable face leaves a blank face. As a result, most thieves will tend to ignore such a stereo. Additionally, there is a partially detachable face. It will leave a few parts of the stereo intact. Another feature used by some manufacturers is a flipping face. It is done wen power is switched off to give the impression that the stereo unit does not exist. All these features usually bump up the price. In most cases, a unit with such feature will cost $200 or more. It will on average cost about $50 more than other units with similar operational features will.


A Digital Unit

Modern car radios are mostly digital units. There are a number of advantages to using a digital unit. For instance, you get access to capabilities such as FM tuning, and a CD player. Such a unit will usually cost about $80 more than an analogue unit.


Pre Amp

Preamp capabilities are important for a quality audio experience. It is a common feature in most car radios. However, some people like it when their amplifier is separate from the stereo. On average, the preamp only affects the price slightly, usually by less than $10. A system without preamp output is normally considered to be of low quality.
There are many other features to watch out for when purchasing a stereo unit. They include noise reduction capabilities, which is important since cars have excessive electrical noise. At times, a remote control may be important depending on your personal interests. For most people, a remote controller is not important.