A set of new car speakers can help breathe life back into your music. There are speakers of all sizes, shapes, and types from which to choose from. However, there are a few important points that greatly affect the price of car speakers. You should have a basic grasp of these components and their influence on the price. There are two main types of speakers used in cars:


Component Speakers

Audiophiles prefer to have these types of speakers on their vehicles. At times, having speakers that produce sound from the knee level is simply not enough for some people. It is especially so for people who love listening to quality music in their vehicles. Component speakers give you the freedom to separate the sound. As a result, you can get the high-pitched frequencies emanating from your dashboard while the lower frequencies come from the knee level.

In short, these types of speakers ensure that you have a realistic sound experience inside the comfort of your vehicle. If you want to upgrade your audio experience, you should go for these types of speakers. The main reason to separate the Twitter and the woofer is due to interference. Speakers that have these components merged produce low-quality sound due to interference. The sound waves intersect each other at times leading to painful distortions of the audio.

A component speaker usually comes with three main parts: a woofer, which handles the midrange sounds, a tweeter, which handles the high-end sounds and a crossover system. The crossover system is necessary to ensure that the high-end frequencies are directed to the tweeters. These speakers cost about $150 a piece. Thus, a system for an entire car could cost you about $600.


Coaxial Speakers

Coaxial speakers are the most common types of speakers in vehicles. They are a single unit, where the woofer and the tweeter are merged. The installation of coaxial speakers is quite easy. Thus, you can cut down the cost of hiring an expert to do the work. On average, coaxial speakers will cost $50 to $100 per piece. Thus, installing four of this will cost about $400.

Although these are the main differences of speakers, many other factors determine the price. For one, the materials used in making the speakers usually alter the price. Watch out for the type of material used to make the house and other components. Other factors include sensitivity, frequency range, and power among others. Always study as many features as you can to determine if you are getting value for money.