Subwoofers are an essential component used in vehicles for low-frequency sounds. They are an awesome way to get harmonic, rhythmic beats. It is what makes a vehicle produce a thumping effect when it has an upgraded audio system installed. There are different types of subwoofers on offer from manufacturers. It is thus important to do research when purchasing one.

An important feature to check in a subwoofer is the driver size. In most cases, bigger drivers produce a bigger bass. However, it also means that the response time is a bit delayed. Extreme audio files will install both huge and small drivers in their vehicles.

Other features that you should check are the custom settings. The most complex systems come with some inbuilt microphones. As a result, they are able to adjust their output according to the external conditions. Additionally, some units have complex sound processors that reduce the amount of distortion that may take place. Another common feature to check in a subwoofer is the frequency range. The human ear can receive audio that is of frequency as low as 20Hz. The closer a sub is to this setting, the better quality it may be. Additionally, the materials used to build the diaphragm play a major role in audio output quality. On average, you can expect to pay about $50 for a simple unit or up to $400 for a more sophisticated unit.